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I took the idea of Still Life’s from art history, the way that people would have a collection of their items documented in order to show off their wealth and power. Instead, I call these “Still Death’s” and include my “Living Jewelry” and found objects from estate sales in order to comment on the inevitability of the death and belongings we can't take with us.



Still Death


42'' x 42''


From the lighting, placement, drapery, and down to the small details of how the jewelry sits on the body, I aim to make this topic and these items as attractive and alluring as I can. I want the viewer to feel the same way that the original owner did, that these are items worth owning. 

I thought it was ironic that we spend our whole lives working and collecting, just to die with nothing but our own bodies. Just as we are born with only our singular body, we die in the same way.


Video - Cal L

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