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How are the images we share on social media perceived by different people?

When I was doing this piece I was thinking a lot about truth and how truth is

something that is not static. It changes and gets distorted by every person.

Nowadays, truth is concealed through many layers of data, filters, screens, and

perceptions, making reality even more fragile.


I first shared my original image on Instagram. Think how that image has been

received by each one of my followers in their own environment and reality.

Consider how Instagram, with its many layers of algorithms, delivered this

image to them at their specific time and space. How many distortions did my self-portrait go through? In this work, I tried to highlight those distortions. To do

this, I opened my self-portrait on the Instagram app and physically scrolled my

phone over a scanner. What you see here is what the scanner captured: a

distorted image of me on my phone.



36" x 42"


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