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Dancing Jewelry is an experimentation and exploration of the idea of body modification by extending human fingers. I wondered how a human body would behave if it had longer fingers.



Dancing Jewelry

Copper | size varies, approx 1.5 X 0.7



After wearing them for some time, I quickly figured out that they are not for daily use. They are not functional at all! My movements were sloppy and awkward, and I could not grab anything.


But then, one day when I was listening to the music and my hands started moving to the rhythm. And wow! My rings found a new purpose in life! My movements suddenly felt so free and expressive. I remembered how hand gesticulation is one of the primary ways to express our emotions and communicate nonverbally. My finger extenders became functional through dancing movements since the wearer could actually use it to tell stories and communicate through movements.


Through Dancing Jewelry I was able to find beauty in dysfunctional things and this made me hope that something that is dysfunctional in one case might be functional in another.  


Photo - Sasha Zar


Dancing Jewelry. Homage for Moderat - The New Error

Music Video, 5m 14s


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