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Photo - Sasha Zar

Aziza Abdieva

Aziza Abdieva was born in Kyrgyzstan. She traveled to Turkey to study for her bachelor’s degree in communication and design at Bilkent University. Away from her home country, she first started asking questions like what does it

mean to be a human? Such fundamental questions arose when she was trying to find her place in this world. Later, she was invited to study at Texas Tech University where she pursued her MFA degree in photography. She took this as

an opportunity to explore the idea of humanness and find her answers while thousands of kilometers and many continents away from her home country. Aziza's work is about cross-cultural explorations of humanness through human

interactions along with limits of the body and the self. She explores her ideas through different mediums including photography, sculpture, jewelry and video.Through her art, Aziza expresses internal feelings and issues by representing

them through external physical forms, like the human body.


Video  - Jonathan Akene

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